200801libertycloverfield_poster.jpgThe mystery surrounding the new J.J. Abrams movie, which tore up the LES last year, will soon be in the past as it finally hits the big screen this week. Cloverfield (long thought to be just a code name for the movie) will be unleashed this Friday, and is getting some great reviews. But what everyone wants to know is: what does the monster that's responsible for decapitating Lady Liberty look like? One description from that review: "He's a fiend that a heroin addict might see in his sleep during his first night in rehab."

We saw one rendering in the past, and now some new images have come out. These are by people who have seen the movie already, so are likely to be pretty accurate. We're hoping this monster isn't lurking in the depths of the East River waiting to plunge!

Check out some of the images, which are after the jump just in case you want to be surprised when you see it on celluloid.