Annual sun-gazing event Manhattanhenge was a bit of a bust last night, turning into another one of those PartlyCloudyHenges we get every couple of years. But our frustrations couldn't compare to those of Sarah Jessica Parker—Manhattanhenge was more disappointing than that time Mr. Big refused to introduce her to his mom. Below, let us walk you through the six stages of Manhattanhenge grief with SJP.

First, there was the innocent sparks of misplaced euphoria:

Then there was bargaining:

Then desperation:

Then acceptance:

She looked for comfort from strangers. All she found was knowing looks:

But just like Steve and Miranda in the laundry room during their child's first birthday, hope springs eternal:

As Shakespeare once said: The wheel is come/ full circle/ and the movies aren't canon/ so Steve never really cheated on Miranda/ and let us never speak of Abu Dhabi.

[Sex and The City references help courtesy Lauren "Aidan Was Always The One" Evans & Jen "Headbands Are Kinda Cool" Carlson]