This post is a sponsored collaboration between Levi's and Gothamist staff. Photos by Jake Dobkin.

Levi's has always been known for its quality workwear, famous for keeping its wearers comfortable and protected out on the job. Their Commuter collection takes that concept to the next level; why not offer those same benefits to cyclists as they work, play, and travel in between? The collection seemed like a great interpretation of functional style and, being an office that lives, breathes and reports on cycling, Gothamist was a natural fit to do a product test. Check some editorial insight below, and don't forget to RSVP for all the events coming up at the Commuter Workspace in Williamsburg. Tweet #CommuterGiveaway after you RSVP and you could win a $300 Levi's® gift card.


"They're great for a night of biking from one Brooklyn hood to the next. For me the weatherguarding is what's most important, though. NYC streets are full of all kinds of dirty clutter, and having some denim that stays clean and dry is a major plus. If I were to take them back home to Minnesota, they seem like they might even hold up to some slush and snow." — Scott Heins, Contributor

"Oh, I rode in the rain yesterday and was very pleased to find that the weatherproofing worked! Rain stayed out." — John Del Signore, Managing Editor


"I roll my right leg when I bike and feel like anything that makes me more visible to cars is a good thing." — Jake Dobkin, Publisher & Co-Founder


"Usually I don't like tight jeans because they cramp my junk, if you know what I'm saying, but these were comfortable. I think that's the stretch fabric." — Jake

"Unlike Jake, I prefer jeans that some might consider 'tight'. The pliancy and design definitely make them easier for commuting than my usual wardrobe, but they still feel fitted and sufficiently stylish." — Scott

"Only time will tell if they can handle the abuse I plan to mete out, but I've got a good feeling about these jeans. I think they look good too; definitely better than my jeans with a big hole in the ass." — John


"I bike everywhere, weather permitting, and just about every pair of trousers and jeans I've ever owned has quickly disintegrated in the rear. [These] certainly feel sturdy." — John

"They feel well made: solid stitching, more durable fabric where your body hits the seat. I'm going to keep wearing them for biking to work." — Jake


There's a loop to hold your U-lock, should you be beltless that day.

The cut's a little higher in the back for increased butt coverage.

The fabric is anti-microbial so you can not wash your jeans even longer.

Double-layered back pockets won't blow out.

There are styles in skinny, relaxed, denim and not.

You can get shirts, denim jackets, parkas, and packable waterproof shells from the Commuter line, too.


Stop by the Levi's® pop-up workspace in partnership with Ride Brooklyn at 261 Metropolitan and check out the product for yourself while enjoying free coffee, snacks, bike repair services, garment mending and tons more. So far there have been events like a talk with experts about Brooklyn as a brand, a happy hour with Bern, a discussion with Horse Cycles on bike design, a photo installation by Preferred Mode, DJ sets and live music. The whole thing wraps up on the 26th, so it's time to hurry up and see what's happening.

Good enough for you? Shop the Levi's® Commuter line here, and don't forget to RSVP for the Commuter Workspace pop-up in Williamsburg—it's a month full of happy hours, new product demos, bike and garment repair, DJ nights, free coffee and snacks, and tons more. Tweet #CommuterGiveaway when you RSVP for the chance to win a $300 Levi's® gift card!