Back in January of 1966, The Velvet Underground and Nico rehearsed at Warhol's Factory. This is an 11 minute clip of footage shot on that day, produced and directed by Andy, and with Nico's son Ari at her feet. The complete "Symphony of Sound" rehearsal footage is over an hour long, coming to an end when the police arrive and break it up (due to a noise complaint).

The Factory, located at 19 E 32nd and 22 E 33rd, between Park and Madison, still has at least one remnant of Warhol, on a wall it says, ''I never wanted to be a painter, I wanted to be a tap-dancer.'' There's a current shot of the outside here, though the last we heard The Factory was going to be turned into, what else, condos.

Here's an outtake from Ciao! Manhattan, starring Warhol's star Edie Sedgwick. Lots of great above shots of the city in that one.