2007_7_Pinkberry.gifOver the weekend, we spotted a new addition to Pinkberry’s Le Klint-inspired hanging lamps, pebble floors and ghost chairs.

At first we couldn't quite identify the boxy, gray, tubal contraption. Was it a kitchen gadget? An elephant? An intricate mouse trap? No, no and no. It was a MovinCool air conditioner!

In late spring, when a friend asked about air conditioning, a staffer said it was broken. Several weeks later, a staffer again said that it was broken. And so, with the MovinCool's, um, large presence, we figured the store would be as cold as a crosstown bus. Alas, we were wrong. On that recent post-park visit, there wasn't a hint of cool at the ‘berry.

And so we have to ask: Climate control as an afterthought at a yogurt store?

We've also heard that in the wake of rodent sightings at Pinkberry, the stores are banning cameras. And this month, Pinkberry opened its fourth New York shop on Spring Street.

Photo by Jill Priluck