Gothamist writers have been told time and time again that no one cares about our adorable animal posts, but this week the Central Park Zoo gave some of their animals PUMPKINS to play/eat with/on, and if the above photos do not reduce you to an ALL-CAPS SQUEEING MASS, you are immediately going to hell. LOOK AT THE MONKEY. IT HAS A PUMPKIN. IT LOVES THE PUMPKIN LOOK AT ITTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Note that zoo humans often let their animals play with pumpkins every fall, and it is always a very important event. Animals are just as fascinated by pumpkins as we are, if less compelled to pulverize them into powder and put them in their coffee, and they are ten times more interesting to look at while posing with a jack-o-lantern than your friends' terrible pumpkin patch 'grams.

If still photos are not enough animal pumpkin love for you, here are some tortoises snacking on one such gourd:

Yes, that warm, golden feeling growing in your chest is love. You're welcome.

[Editor's note: This will be our last wild animal photo spread, because according to Google analytics, nobody cares... Unless the zoo gets some really cool-looking owls. Owls rule.]