Louie C.K. is back from his year-long hiatus and beginning filming Season 4 of Louie! On Tuesday, tipsters spotted signs for his production company, Pig Newton, in the East Village and on the Lower East Side.

In the afternoon, production moved to Bowery and Stanton for a shoot inside the Bowery Diner with comedian Robert Kelly (he plays Louie's brother on the show). Check out a couple of pictures of CK and Kelly. Gaze deeply into your computer monitor. Block out all external stimuli and internal anxieties. Don't be alone with yourself—that's what we're here for—and be content to click on these photos of Louis CK and his big-shot TV show production. (The photos are best enjoyed on your smartphone while driving on a highway ignoring an emotional Bruce Springsteen song.) Oh, and be sure to click on our ads!

Filming continues today on the Lower East Side, so be on the lookout. Maybe you'll catch him riding a Citi Bike.