This morning it was announced that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are back. It's been about four years since their last album Some Loud Thunder was released, and six years since they played our Movable Hype show (in front of a crowd that included David Bowie!). In the recent downtime, various band members have started new projects, so to those on the outside, it's always been a little unclear if a resurrection was imminent. But here it is 2011 and the band is back... and not some zombie version of it's former self, either—all original members are on board. This morning one of them, Robbie Guertin, told us a little bit about the big news:

"It's definitely a bit surreal to be getting the Clap machine moving again, but we're all really psyched about it and proud of the record we've made. I think people will really like it. We're still working out details for future shows, putting together plans for some bigger tours for later in the year and next year, so we'll be adding more dates as we get it figured out."

As for Guertin's other band, Radical Dads, he says they're "definitely still going strong! Our record is coming out next month which is also very exciting. Clap will become more of a priority as things really get going, but luckily I've decided to give up sleep starting in the fall, so that should give me plenty of time to do both."

Clap's new album, called Hysterical, will be out in September—but you can get a taste below. And let's hope the Clap graffiti returns with news of the band's comeback.