A handsome German shorthaired pointer was proclaimed Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club's Annual Dog Show. The dog, whose full name is GCH Vjk-Myst Garbonita's California Journey, is also mercifully known as CJ. He's the third pointer to take the honors in the competition's history.

The NY Times reported on CJ's reaction to his major win:

C. J. appeared to have grasped [Best in Show judge Richard] Meen’s advice to relax. When he won, he was impassive, looking out at the crowd as if he might have anticipated the outcome. Or maybe his serious demeanor was another way to show his shock. His handler, Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, was more emotional, kissing Meen and rival handlers, then dropping to her knees to hug and kiss C. J.

And what was Meen looking for, after thousands of dogs competed in hopes of being the top dog, let along one of the seven in the Best in Show Ring?

Meen explained that CJ "floated around the ring beautifully."

CJ's handler, who is also his breeder and co-owner, confirmed, "He loves it here. He was born this way. At 6 weeks, he walked across the living room floor and we said, ‘Oh, my.’ He has that sparkle that makes you stop and look at him. He’s my heart dog."

The other dogs were pretty adorable too, like Bogey the Samoyed who won the working group:

Today, CJ is making the media rounds:

Of course the Green Room at Fox & Friends is red:

We'll have more photos and videos from the Westminster Dog Show later this morning—stay tuned!