Instead of the red capes initially reported being put on the city's statues, it looks like NBC's The Cape is adorning the figures with the black/blue cape the show's namesake wears. They still look pretty silly, but at least they're accurate. NBC has rolled out an interactive map of the 30 statue locations, with information about the person depicted, and obvious promotion aside it's actually pretty interesting! Most people will be content to wonder why someone threw a black sheet around that statue of Giuseppe Verdi, but if you have Twitter and nothing to do with your days, there could be something in it for you.

By posting a photo of yourself with one of the caped statues on Twitter or checking in at the locations on Foursquare, you'll be automatically entered to win one of four iPads or tickets to Jimmy Fallon. But you'll most likely get beat by Pete Labrozzi, who has been furiously updating Twitter and Foursquare with his locations. He vows to visit all 30 by the time the sweepstakes is over, and recently posted himself posing in front of caped statues of Sir Walter Scott, Eleanor Roosevelt and William Shakespeare. NBC even wrote that he is "on fire!" He is going to get so much tail because of this.

Of course not everyone is that into it. Deborah Wojnar told Brooklyn Paper, “It’s a fricking cape — what does a fricking cape or a TV series have to do with Christopher Columbus?" About as much as crochet has to do with Wall Street, except this time they hope the attire gets you to watch a show that doesn't even take place in New York.