Lower Manhattan, you ready for some more lights? In an effort to lure more tourists downtown after nightfall the NYC Economic Development Corporation has decided to bring in a fancy light show. Another Tribute In Light, probably not but one can dream. The NYCEDC has only just put out a request for proposals and folks with bright ideas have until February to make one. Maybe some more "bat signal" projections?

Here's what the NYCEDC says it is looking for:

This project should occur on a regular basis (i.e., weekly, monthly) and be able to be implemented by the end of 2012, and ideally have a guaranteed life span of at least three years. The lighting project may include, and is not limited to, projection-mapping including 3D effects, interactive elements and opportunities for interaction, up/downlighting and pedestrian or kinetic motion-activated lighting.

A specific location for the lights isn't listed—the lights could go up anywhere east of Broadway and south of Fulton and Ann Streets—but in particular they'd really like it if teams could "focus on two specific areas: South Street from Fletcher Street to Whitehall Street and the pedestrian area around the New York Stock Exchange. Both areas feature well-known city landmarks and already draw many tourists during the day."

The winning bid will get up to a $1 million in funds from the city, but will also probably have to raise additional money and sponsorships, the NYCEDC says. The only thing they are explicit about is that the new light shows take into consideration the area's growing residential population and not shine in anyone's windows. Because otherwise you end up with Kenny Rogers situations. Then again, McDonald's has a proposal already set to go...