With the strike over and New Yorkers and out-of-towners in New York more mobile, we hear that stores are having some crazy sales today and tomrorow, in order to make up for strike days. Stores had to open later and close early, if they were able to open at all. The city projects a loss of $1 billion in revenue; according to Bloomberg (the news site, not the mayor, but on that topic, it's weird when Bloomberg LLP reports on Bloomberg the Mayor), losses included "$10 million a day because of overtime costs and $12 million in daily sales tax revenue." So, you may have tripped to shop during the strike - are you checking out great post-strike deals?

And restaurants were especially hard hit. The Russian Samovar's owners are actually suing the city, MTA, and Transport Workers Union over lost reveue due to the strike. We spoke to a restaurant manager in SoHo, who told us that usually he has 180 people in on a week night, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, there were about 16 each night.