For the first time since the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting was established in 1966, the city will start charging productions for permit fees. While this certainly won't help to lure the Hollywood set here, other cities (including Los Angeles) already charge for permits. The one-time fee will be just $300—pocket change for blockbusters, but a healthy chunk for those working on a shoestring budget. In comparison, L.A. charges $625 for two weeks of filming, with additional fees for services like cops on set, parking, and street closures (which will all remain free perks in New York).

The move comes in an effort to combat budget cuts, and while the fee will likely only bring in $1MM to the film office annually, that is half their current budget. 1010Wins reports that senior Bloomberg administration officials gathered with representatives from Hollywood studios, advertising and labor unions today to discuss the fee, which will effect films, commercials, music videos and television series.

The city will now have a commenting period on their fee proposal, and a public hearing will be scheduled for the future. Initial criticisms will likely focus on low-budget productions, but the city has already noted that they will waive the fee for those that could demonstrate "unreasonable hardship.''