2005_08_snakehead.jpgCue the Jaws music: The snakehead is here! A snakehead fish was found in Queens. Oh, yes, at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park's Meadow Lake, biologists found a couple of the "voracious" snakeheads there. Gothamist remembers when we would read these wild Washington Post articles in 2002 that would get more and more hysterical as more and more snakeheads seems to be spotted. Snakeheads apparently eat everything in its environment, thusly taking over a lake and depleting any other kinds of life there, and officials think that the snakeheads were originally imported from China (of course, as many nutty things seem to originate there) to be future cheap, dish dinners (of course). Biologists will be looking to make sure all the snakeheads are gone, and Gothamist prays they do - rumor has it they can walk out of water, perhaps trying to usurp alligators at the new urban legend.

The Sci Fi channel had a snakehead movie - enough said.

Photograph by Cait Gillepsie, via Maryland's Department of Natural Resources