This morning, the City Council's Black, Latino and Asian Caucus protested the upcoming season of CBS reality stalwart, Survivor, which has split its four tribes up by race - Asian, black, Hispanic, and white. City Councilman Robert Jackson, the caucus' chairman, said, "We are going to call on CBS to pull the plug on this... I'm hoping that the experiment fails so they know that the people of this great country are above this race-baiting-type situation." Fat chance CBS will take it off the air, as the gimmick controversy will only give them higher ratings and an even bigger lead-in for CSI on Thursday nights. Hell, we're even back to being interested in Survivor now. And City Councilman John "Media Minute" Liu said, "The idea of having a battle of the races is preposterous. How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?" Um, it's called "I Can't Believe Fox Has the Number 1 Reality Show," we think - that Mark Burnett is always out for blood!

Will you be watching? Here's some info on the Cook Islands, where this Survivor is being held. And given that a fair number of this season Survivors are from NYC (Becky, Nathan, Sekou, Sundra, Yul, and Billy), we would suggest a Survivor with teams split up by people from different boroughs!