These authentic vintage Williamsburg Bridge light fixtures will make your condo seem less soulless. Buy yours now!

We were just checking in on the DoT auction site, which earlier this year was selling off paint that was used on the Brooklyn Bridge. And now it seems the city agency has been turned on to how HOT/over Williamsburg is—time to dust off those old light fixtures from the bridge! The Williamsburg Bridge Necklace Lights Fixtures, which still work, are currently being auctioned off with a starting price of just $20.

Not only will you own a piece of New York City history, but much more importantly, you'll own the opportunity to make money off of people with too much money to spend on decorating their luxury Williamsburg condo.

There is basically no way that these light fixtures, branded correctly, will not sell out within the first hour of the next Brooklyn Flea. Just say words like: vintage, artisanal (that word has lost all meaning anyway), DIY, repurposed, limited edition, reclaimed, authentic, mason jar, industrial chic, WILLIAMSBURG, and Brooklyn.

It's GOLD, Jerry... just ask the guy who bought gallons of that aforementioned Brooklyn Bridge paint and is now reselling it for $25 a quart.