Yesterday, Louis C.K. took Citi Bike on a spin through SoHo. Today, we see that before Citi Bike even started its widely publicized tour under the famed comedian's butt, it had already taken to the main stage at Upright Citizens Brigade to test its hand..lebars at improv! Soon, Citi Bike is going to need its own agent and it's going to stop taking our calls because it's too famous. To which I say: Never forget where you came from, Citi Bike.

Charlie Todd, a performer at UCB and devoted Citi Bike fan, said the ride was incorporated into the theater's improv wrestling show, UCBW's Pay Per View with one character, The Parking Defendant, using the bike to viciously clothesline Old Fishtix, Bob Dylan and Idaho Jones.

As one of Citi Bike's earliest members, Todd said he's found Citi Bike very useful for commuting between UCB's Chelsea location and UCBEast in the East Village. Adding the oft-talked about blue bike to the show seemed like the obvious thing to do.

"We thought it would be hilarious," he said, adding that the bike was safely returned to its slot well before the time limit was up.