A reader tells us that last night's Cirque du Soleil performance of Kooza on Randall's Island was interrupted when the production lost power for 45 minutes during the first act. Apparently the juice ran out just before the trapeze routine, when "the emergency lights came on and everything stopped... Then they told us there was no power and they were going to an early intermission... Thank God no performers were in mid air or something, although that would have been a much bigger story!" Well, we'll take what we can get. After a delay, the performance skipped ahead to Act II and continued without incident. And what's really impressive is that by the evening's end, the crew had already printed out hundreds of fliers which, according to our tipster, read, "We're sorry blah, blah, blah we want you to see it in it's entirety, call us tomorrow." A publicist for Kooza tells us the delay was only about 20 minutes, and blamed the power failure on malfunctioning generators, which the production relies on at its current home in Randall's Island Park.