Gulnara Karimova, the fashion designer who just so happens to be the daughter of the tyrannical president of Uzbekistan, was none too pleased last week when her Fashion Week show was canceled over some human rights issues. Now, Karimova—aka "GooGooSha"—is apparently looking to take her show on the road, all the way to Cipriani.

Karimova has supposedly "mounted a full-court press" to make sure that show does indeed go on, preferably at the upscale restaurant, which has itself been the source of some scandal in recent years. Karimova has reportedly put out a casting call for models and has reached to the local embassies of some "friendly nations" like Spain, Russia and the United Arab Emirates in the event that the Cipriani show should fall through.

Karimova was granted diplomatic status by her father and allegedly "bullied her way into gaining a slice of virtually every lucrative business" in Uzbekistan, where she is viewed as a "robber baron" and is "widely hated," according to a WikiLeaks cable. Could it have anything to do with these atrocious knitted jumpsuits?