2006_08_cilantro.jpgDid anyone see Tim Gunn on Late Night with Conan O'Brien last night? If anyone puts the clip on YouTube, let us know, but he was super charming and funny and a good foil for a very manic Conan. Tim admitted it was hard that Project Runway lost at the Emmys last year, and then he said, "Maybe we're like cilantro. You don't know what it is at first, but then you want it again and again." (Or something like that - the heat is making our head fuzzy.) Project Runway - the cilantro of reality television! Except we love PR much more than cilantro. If you listen to Tim's podcast about episode 4, you'll hear how the producers decided to handle kicking Keith Michael auf - they knew about the books independently of the designers. It's very touching - Tim felt very bad for Keith and it proved how Tim is a good guy.

At Late Night, Tim also found out that he'll be doing the red carpet show for NBC, which raises our interest in watching the Emmys (last year, they sucked), but if they pair Tim Gunn with Billy Bush, it's auf! But we'll probably end up watching to see Conan.

We exhaustively recapped Wedneday's episode (we need to rethink the recaps - they are getting unwieldy and we're open to suggestions), and Project Runway producer Andy Cohen interviewed Keith Michael yesterday.