2005_11_rocktreeup.jpgTonight is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, which is why today is a gridlock alert day. The WNBC Channel 4 Christmas Tree page and tree cam now has music, as they count down till 7PM. We're sure crowds are already at Rockefeller Center, breathlessly awaiting Al Roker, Sheryl Crow, Il Divo, Carrie Underwood, Il Divo and the Goo Goo Dolls, but the other way to watch is to tune in at 7PM and watch Channel 4 for two hours, and TiVo America's Next Top Model. And if you go, we'll be looking for your pictures on Flickr!

And don't miss out on finding out where you can buy a tree, with our Christmas tree map.

Photograph of the tree being raised three weeks ago from Van Cleve on Flickr; there's also a cool set of these photographs