I know that we're past Labor Day and that in some circles this means summer is over, but that's incorrect from both a city beaches AND astronomy sense. Whatever though, I get it, the temperature is lower and kids are going back to school and ice cream trucks are being herded off of cliffs like the noble buffalo once was. Fall is here in our minds, but at least it's our last defense against the dread winter. So, please, please don't go and do something like the above Midtown stall on 5th and 43rd did and set up your Christmas store in September.

There's nothing everyone in New York City can agree on unanimously, but I hold out hope in my heart that at least 80% of you out there think that celebrating Christmas TWO DAYS after Labor Day is too early. I'm aware of the ways that we put pressure on Christmas to solve any number of problems for us, be they pumping up the economy, bringing families together or dredging up old memories of your life as an assassin, but I don't think we should start leaning on Christmas for any of that before we've had our annual argument about whether Columbus Day is racist or not.

If you try to start Christmas in September, you're throwing off the entire holiday calendar. Tolerate Christmas in September for long enough and the next thing you know, we've got people selling Halloween costumes at the beginning of June and trying to pass off Thanksgiving turkeys in August. This isn't the first time someone has spotted Christmas coming way too early, but for comparison's sake, the Christmas trees on sale at that Midtown K-Mart were spotted on September 15th. Let's all take a deep breath, understand there's lots of time left before we're driven crazy by Christmas muzak floating out of every speaker and let's stand up for sanity and say no to Christmas in September.

Of course, if you happen to come across any of these crimes against seasonal decorum, do feel free to shoot them over to tips@gothamist.com.