If you missed The Clock, Christian Marclay's 24-hour film montage art installation, when it screened at the Lincoln Center Festival this summer, fear not— it's coming to MoMA starting December 21st!

Marclay's piece—which premiered in London in 2010, won the Venice Biennale Golden Lion award and debuted in New York last year—features thousands of film clips strung together in 24 hours of real time, each featuring dialogue, a clock or some other indication of time both in the films' and in the viewer's reality. When it ran at Lincoln Center this summer, it was shown continuously Friday through Sunday, and lines tended to be long (I waited three hours on a Saturday night, and watched a lot of classic movie stars toss and turn in bed between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m.).

MoMA will run The Clock in its contemporary galleries during public hours, and it'll show the whole shebang in full on New Year's Eve, as well as for three weekends—January 4-6; 11-13; and 18-20. The show runs through January 21st, and if you're planning to check it out, try to make it in time for an extra-special surprise scene at midnight.