Saturday Night Live season 40 is just around the corner, and we now know who our first hosts will be: newly minted star Chris Pratt will kick off the season on September 27th with musical guest Ariana Grande. Sarah Silverman, who was a writer/performer on the 1993-94 season of SNL, will host a week with musical guest Maroon 5 (making their fifth appearance). But even more exciting: Bill Murray is rumored to be hosting as well this fall!

Splitsider originally posted about the rumor, which was initially reported as fact by various local NBC affiliate sites (who have since taken down those posts). This means that either Murray, who last hosted in 1999, cancelled on doing it, or it has been rescheduled for later this fall. He does have a new movie, St. Vincent, coming out October 24th, so perhaps it would make more sense for him to host closer to the release date.

Altogether, these are way more inspired picks than last year's first three (Tina Fey/Miley Cyrus/Bruce Willis). While it would be incredibly fun to have Murray hosting the show again, Pratt and Silverman are fantastic choices to start off the season—they're both actual funny people who have never hosted before and have experience with improv. Just watch Pratt do what he does best: