Chris Mars may be best known for being the drummer of the seminal ’80s garage band The Replacements, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have talents beyond the stage. These days Mars has taken to the canvas, his artwork inspired by his brother’s mental illness, schizophrenia, as well as the effect that label had on his brother. His paintings are of monsters, quite unlike the one's that hide under your bed. The misfits, the scapegoats and the misunderstood. The monsters of the Edward Scissorhands set. Mars' off stage show is called Subderma, and it's in New York right now.

Along with 30 paintings at the exhibit, there is an animation by Mars titled "The Severed Stream". The animation is a 13 minute long stream-of-consciousness which allows the viewer to see inside the artist during the creation of his work. So come and take a look, if you dare.

Now through February 4th // Jonathan LeVine Gallery [529 W. 20th St. 9E]

Interview with Mars @ [decentcontent]