Left, pet owner at Stuy Town; right, cops go South; Photographs from the NY Post

Speaking of great photographs, the NY Post has had some beauties the past two days. First, in Stuyvesant Town pet battle where landlords are offering employees $150 to snitch on tenants illegally harboring pets, the Post talks to a pet owner but goes to lengths to hide their identities (above left). But now, the CEO of Meow Mix, Richard Thompson is offering employees $160 NOT to rat out the tenants, plus free Meow Mix to cat owners. He's also going to be driving around Stuyvesant Town in that hot Meow Mix Mobile.

In the more sensational case of the phony cosmetic surgeon suspected in the murder of a Manhattan woman whose body was found buried in concrete, two NYPD detectives were set to fly to Costa Rica to find the quack (above, right). The Post caught Detectives Brian Ford and Joe Buffolino, and while Gothamist salutes the job you do, the stereotype of NYPD officers being unmistakable does seem to fit. Suspect Dean Faiello was apprehended at a resort yesterday, and will be extradited shortly.