If you head to the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, support Chinatown by having dim sum before or dinner there after your movie or panel. Or even if you're not seeing a movie downtown, head to Chinatown. It's been a rough few years for Chinatown, after September 11, the SARS scare, and lately, the police parking. You'll save money, since most restaurants are very reasonably priced - you can always buy your $14 cocktail later.

Check out NY magazine's guide to Chinatown. If you happen to see an early movie, think about getting some groceries - the food is fresh and cheap; see Chinatown market photos 1 and 2 from Bluejake

In addition to some links Gothamist gathered up earlier in the week, here are some more about the Tribeca Film Festival: - The Village Voice has their list of 25 movies to see and the Daily News gives an overview of the festival. The Times also explored the range of films at the festival. Plus, indieWIRE on the festival.

Finally, on this last day before May, think The Promise Ring's Wake Up April.