When we were in elementary school our class once hatched chickens in an incubator. One Friday it was our turn to take some of the chicks home for the weekend and so we put three little peeps into a cardboard box at the end of the day and left school for home. But first we went to go and see Jurassic Park which had opened that day. Suffice it to say, leaving a movie whose moral is that birds and dinosaurs are closely related with three chickens under your arm is an experience one doesn't easily forget.

So we were very happy to learn in today's City section that a growing number of city folk are now getting the chance to commune with chickens. According to the Times there are at least a few chicken coops popping up in backyards around the city. While it is illegal to keep a rooster in the city (wouldn't want any cock fighting) hens are apparently fair game. And really, how many city pets can feed you right back? Who, besides vegans, doesn't love fresh eggs?

If you are interested in setting up your own little poultry co-op there is even a website called City Chickens ("Building Community through Raising Chickens") devoted to the hobby! Makes us wonder what happened to those birds we took to the movies...

Chicken of Manhattanville, NYC by mtkr via Contribute.