Considering all the fun that we've been having working on (and being) Gothamist, we've decided to launch a blog about the Windy City: Chicagoist. We were lucky that Rachelle Bowden and Margaret Lyons, who are editing Chicagoist, also thought starting a Chicago-based blog would be a good idea, based on what we've enjoyed about Gothamist (like getting to learn more about the city we love and live in, as well as hearing from a growing base of readers exactly what they think). Chicagoist is not supposed to be Gothamist in Chicago drag; instead, its voice and focus will capture the sensibilities of Chicago and the outlying areas. But there will be posts on all the good food (especially BBQ) in the area and any incidents of tigers in apartments, if they happen to come up; there's already been posts about the problems with recruiting cheerleaders in Winnetka, the upcoming Chicago Book Fair; how CTA rail operators shouldn't read the paper or use their cellphones while on the job; the annoying weather; and a baby gorilla at the Lincoln Zoo!

So, welcome, Chicagoist! Gothamist is learning so much about Chicago that we'll be able to enjoy our stopovers at O'Hare that much more. And we're also digging the Chicagoist logo, designed by Sam; Chicago's buildings look like aliens and/or slugs - cool! Plus, many thanks to Neil Epstein, who did all the technology heavy-lifting.

Please e-mail your comments and thoughts about Chicagoist to Jake Dobkin.