Cartier Roadster; Photo: Cartier

Well, it looks like authorities have recovered some of the items stolen from baggage at Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports. The arrests were made last week and the items were found in the homes of the four suspects.

It's good to know that Federal baggage handlers are smart enough to keep stolen goods in their apartments. Don't they watch any TV? Fence, people, fence. Newsday reports that among the stolen items were "at least 20 laptops, digital cameras and a Vacheron Constantine watch valued at $25,000."

For what it's worth, Chevy Chase recovered his stolen watch, valued at $10,000. Chase, always the comedian, gave several quotes to the Daily News:

"Did you see my watch? It had a brown band and a gold face and fit very nicely around my wrist," cracked Chase. "Well, I hope it's a lesson and it doesn't happen again. But as a New Yorker, I know that's not going to happen, so what the heck."

As New Yorkers ourselves, Gothamist would never be stupid enough to put our $10,000 watch in our checked luggage. Then again, we can't buy a $10,000 watch. We're sure that Chase is as happy as that Cartier watch that's smiling at us and saying "buy me, buy me, you've got credit."