The rain seems like it's stopped, which is great because you can check out the first of the blooming cherry blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The flowers first started to appear on Wednesday, and the latest map shows seven trees in "First Bloom" and one tree, a Prunus sargentii , in "Peak Bloom"!

Prunus ‘Accolade’ beginning to bloom in BBG's Cherry Cultivars Area. (Blanca Begert / Brooklyn Botanic Garden)

BBG experts think the cherry blossoms will be fine after our winter and have previously said, "A good stretch of warm weather will trigger the cherries and other spring-blooming plants to flower."

“When it’s above 60 degrees or so for several days in a row, you’ll see the buds of the early-blooming cherries like Prunus ‘Okame’ start to swell. Around this same time, you’ll also see the bud scales from the magnolias start to drop,” says Brian Funk, curator of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden.

The dozens of cherry trees are getting ready for the big cherry blossom festival, Sakura Matsuri on April 29 and 30. Clearly the only way to celebrate is for some enterprising pizzeria to make this crazy cherry blossom pie.