When you invite an estimated 500 people to your wedding, they're going to need a place to do their business. So if you have a budget of over $2 million, why not treat them to the best? TMZ got a look at the porta-potties Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky will supply at their wedding, which look like they have the square footage of most New York apartments—and more storage space too! Seriously, what are they storing under those sinks, Linda Tripp? The Clintons have reserved 4-6 of the trailers for the big day, which feature flushing toilets and stereo music, just to get the guests in the mood. The cost? $15,000.

Few know who will actually enjoy the luxury of relieving themselves in such opulence, but the consensus is that they'll all be famous. The Daily News lists Oprah and President Obama as invitation recipients, though Obama most likely won't be making an appearance. If he did, the town of Rhinebeck, NY (where all speculations about location lead) would have to up its police budget even more. Already the town has approved an extra $2,500 for police coverage, and guests will have to surrender any smart phones and provide credentials. Good to know this wedding will be better secured than the White House.

Locals are hoping the extra costs (which one resident thought should be paid by the Clintons) will amount to nothing compared to all the business the Hudson Valley town will be getting. Suzanna Hermans, a co-owner of Oblong Books, told the Times, "Money is still tight around here. One week to the next is completely different. We’re hoping in the long run this will bring people to Rhinebeck." Soon, everyone will be having weddings in the Hudson Valley. Wedding planner Diann Valentine says the event is "bigger and more important than a celebrity wedding. It will certainly be the most influential of setting trends. If anything becomes public knowledge it will immediately set a trend." And we didn't think anything could be more important than a celebrity wedding!