Hey, did you know Chelsea Clinton is getting married in Rhinebeck, NY today? When we last left off, Bill Clinton had arrived in the Hudson Valley town and kibitzed with the townsfolk. One local described her meeting as "better than meeting George Clooney!" The Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding planner also sent bottles of wine to Rhinebeck's miffed residents, apologizing for keeping them out of the loop and warning them about "periodic road closures." But now, the day has finally arrived, porta-potties and all.

Last night the family hosted a rehearsal dinner at the Beekman Arms Inn, where guests had to provide a photo ID and pass a photo checkup to get in. But one source said the bride- and groom-to-be weren't even there! Today, crowds are reportedly already gathering at the main intersection of the town in preparation for the ceremony, whose guests include Madeline Albright and Steve Madden. One bystander complained to the Times, “My God, they all look like they’re in their 20s. They’re kids! Seriously, I want to see Oprah." Oprah is reportedly out, but residents will most likely be treated to a fireworks show after the ceremony.

Clinton fan Arlene Newman drove to Rhinebeck from near Albany to get a look at the Clinton-fever. She said, "We wish them well. It’s royalty. It’s our royalty." She also left the soon-to-be Mrs. Mezvinsky with this message: "Aye, yi, yi. I hope she has lots of babies."