2007_07arts_hotel.jpgSome residents who have been living at the Hotel Chelsea for a short period of time (longer than 30 days, less than six months) received a letter this week. No, it wasn't tucked in a welcome basket, rather it was informing them they were expected to check out later this month.

Signed by Glennon Travis, the new Director of Operations, the letter (at right - enlarged here) says the hotel has the recipients of the letter down as checking out on August 13th. While it invites them to stop by the front desk to confirm, it seems more like a scaremongering tactic to free up some rooms over, say, a "friendly reminder" (what hotel insinuates a person check out early?).

The Hotel Chelsea Blog urges them to stay put (keep in mind the people that received the letters are residents, not short-term vacationing guests). Meanwhile, the new regime may have a new problem on their hands come August 20th when Piri Thomas brings David Elder to court. You see, when Elder’s mother died in 1986 she left her 16% interest in the hotel to David and his two siblings in trust. It stipulated that her husband and the kids stepfather, Piri Thomas, was to receive all income from the trust for as long as he lived. Surprise, surprise...he hasn't (though he has received the tax bills). Looks like Elder may be the one checking out of the Chelsea this month.

Not long ago we talked to some long-time residents of the hotel, as well as Stanley Bard. Check out those videos here and here.