Who could forget the NY Times' profile piece a few years ago on eternal Beastie Boy Mike D and his wife (and fellow artist) Tamra Davis? The glimpse into their stylishly-appointed 3,200 square foot Cobble Hill townhouse was apartment porn at its finest. And the accompanying 28-photo slideshow on their "vernacular, sensitive, modern" design aesthetic was unforgettable. So unforgettable, that you'd recognize the décor anywhere—including in the background of amateur Tumblr porn.

Tumblr (above); screenshot of Times slideshow (below)

A tipster sent us a link to Our Public Privates, a Tumblr devoted to documenting the intimate moments of one couple all over NYC—but mostly in Mike D's very recognizable Brooklyn home. The top of the Tumblr, called "Engaging Lovers," reads: "engaged and enjoying every moment. creating images to document our love for the future. and a cat. 18+ only. NSFW." The photos are, for the most part, pretty tasteful for amateur porn; it also appears as though someone else took at least some of the pictures.

There is no mistaking the glass swing in the kitchen, which we know from the Times piece was a gift from Mike's mom she had gotten from "a Rajasthani palace." You can see some very graphic photos of the couple on the kitchen table, right below that swing, here.

Tumblr (l); screenshot of Times slideshow (r)

"When I was recently perusing a completely different set of photographs, that swing leapt out at me," Ellen, the tipster, noted. "A careful analysis of the pictures on the 'Engaging Lovers' blog confirmed that yes, these folks were definitely fucking all over that engagingly lovely townhouse. (But at least they stayed out of the kids' rooms, I think.)"

Tumblr (l); screenshot of Times slideshow (r)

We, like the tipster, were left with many questions: considering the fact that the couple got into building/renovating new homes in the area, which we know thanks to a Times followup last year, do Mike and Tamra still live there? Did they know about the couple and give their blessing for the photos to be put on the Internet? Do they even care? Did they rent the townhouse, or are these house-sitters? Is the home on Airbnb? And most importantly...is that Mike D's cat??

We've contacted the Beastie Boys' management for comment.