Currently residing at LIC's Hunter’s Point South Park is a new piece of public art best viewed after dusk (or around dawn). Mika Tajima's "Merdian (Gold)" offers a colorful display of smokey mist set against the Manhattan skyline. The piece itself is kind of like a mood ring, with fluctuating hues of magenta and pale cyan—the color shifs in relation to "the global sentiment for gold, reflected in the price fluctuation of the commodity." Look a little deeper and you'll also see commentary on how material things are meaningless and will leave you empty and alone. Sad! But true!

From SculptureCenter, the not-for-profit arts institution that's been around since 1928 and commissioned the piece.

Gold is a peculiar material that derives its value from the social perception of its qualities and collective “moods” toward geopolitical and economic events. The framing structure for Meridian (Gold) is a seating zone that references communal rejuvenation spas and here becomes a site to reflect on the fleeting materiality of contemporary life. The project was selected by participants in Public Process, SculptureCenter’s intensive program for high school students that uses New York City’s rich public art landscape to explore the history and impact of public art and its community influence.

As you'll see in these photos, you can stand inside of it, so you should be seeing a lot of this on your Instagram feed soon.

You can see the piece through September 25th, from dawn to 10 p.m.