Recently photographer Navid Baraty visited Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs' home aboard the historic 1907 Yankee Ferry, currently floating in the Hudson off Hoboken. Baraty gave us a glimpse of what their envy-inducing digs look like, and says, "They've not only restored the Yankee and kept it afloat for posterity, but they also use the ship as a beautiful studio and show space for their work as decorative artists." They even have a tire garden, with chickens!

The Yankee Ferry was first used by the U.S. Army to patrol the Boston Harbor during World War I, and was later used to transport newly arrived immigrants from Ellis Island to Manhattan.

You can see more of the ferry at Baratay's Flickr, and we've contacted the couple to get more information (and permission to come aboard)—we'll update when we hear back.