So many big moments have taken place in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden, and photographer George Kalinsky has captured them all. Kalinsky is the venue's official photographer, and has been for 50 years. He's stared through his lens at the likes John Lennon, Diana Ross, and Muhammad Ali, with whom he formed a lifelong friendship.

His work, and in turn "some of New York’s most iconic cultural moments," is now being celebrated at an exhibit at the New York Historical Society. They note that "Kalinsky has turned truly memorable moments―sporting events, legendary performances, and notable occasions―into lasting images that have defined the city." And not just under MSG's roof, he also documented the Mets winning the 1986 World Series.

Click through for a preview of the show, New York Through The Lens of George Kalinsky, which is on view through September 30th.

And as for that John Lennon and Elton John photo, that was Lennon's last concert—you can see video here.