Street artist Swoon has moved inside for her Submerged Motherlands exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, which opens on Friday and runs through August 24th. Housed inside of the museum's rotunda gallery, Swoon and team have been creating and constructing the installation for a couple of months—click through for a behind-the-scenes look.

"For this exhibition, Swoon creates a site-specific installation in our rotunda gallery, transforming it into a fantastic landscape centering on a monumental sculptural tree with a constructed environment at its base, including sculpted boats and rafts, figurative prints and drawings, and cut paper foliage.

Often inspired by contemporary and historical events, Swoon engages with climate change in the installation as a response to the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy that struck the Atlantic Coast in 2012, and Doggerland, a landmass that once connected Great Britain and Europe and that was destroyed by a tsunami 8,000 years ago."

Swoon has also been taking her work out to the streets to promote her show, here's one piece that just went up in Brooklyn.