From the department of because why the hell not, an empty lot on Williamsburg's Havemeyer Street became a video-art dance party last night, starring a giant inflatable cat head beaming lasers from its eyes.

Created by the Barcelona-based collective Hungry Castle and in collaboration with the Art Directors Club, Laser Cat was originally going to shoot its stuff under the Manhattan Bridge, but the extremely overcrowded Festival of Lights shitshow two weekends ago gave the
DUMBO Improvement District paws pause. Williamsburg, it seems, was less concerned, and by limiting admission to advance RSVPs, the festivities proceeded without incident.

The Laser Cat experience goes like this:
* Someone gets on stage and pushes the big red panic button;
* The overly familiar dance song suddenly switches to another, equally familiar tune;
* A piece of pop-culture-laden video art, projected onto the side of a building overlooking the lot, also instantly changes;
* Laser Cat just keeps Laser Cat-Catting along.

It was freezing, by the way, especially if you decided to wear a ridiculously lightweight coat for the season, but in addition to handing out free beer from Brooklyn Brewery, the ADC also supplied buckets of those chemical hand warmers, which was a thoughtful touch.

Laser Cat's previous spectacles have occurred in Barcelona and Miami. Next up for the big kitty: Dubai. Infer what you will about Brooklyn in 2014 by its inclusion on this list.