Drivers Wanted, a documentary about the lives of New York's cab drivers, premiers tonight at the reRun Gastropub Theater in DUMBO. The film, which will screen through December 6th, offers an intimate look inside the lives of cab drivers working for an established taxi company in Queens.

"I love the traffic," reveals one hack—who's been driving a cab since 1945!—in the film's trailer. "The worse the traffic gets, the better I like it. It keeps me alert." If you still harbored any illusions that your cabbie was spending his off-days asking his reflection "You talking to me?", the film offers a more realistic picture of life on the other side of the partition: "It's a tough job," we hear a company man tell a new driver. "And it's very, very competitive."

DRIVERS WANTED (Teaser) from Joshua Z Weinstein on Vimeo.

The Times praised the film yesterday in its review, where the critic David DeWitt wrote: "There’s an authenticity to “Drivers Wanted” that seems so true and tough that it overwhelms any standard immigrants-up-from-their-bootstraps theme."

Filmmakers Joshua Weinstein and Jean Tsien will be on hand for tonight's screening. And it's worth noting that while it may be illegal to drink in a cab (or just poor taxi etiquette), beer will be flowing during this week's screenings at the reRun, which has two draft taps behind the snack counter.

Tickets are $10.50 and can be purchased here.