If you happen to be strolling through Union Square this weekend, don't be surprised to catch sight of Edward Snowden in person...ENCASED IN A STONE EFFIGY. Artist Jim Dessicino, a graduate student at the University of Delaware, made the piece as part of the Art In Odd Places festival happening all weekend around 14th Street.

You can see the nine-foot tall memorial there between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. this weekend. According to Business Insider, a lot of people didn't initially recognize Snowden. But those who did were mostly quite enthusiastic about it (we especially love the description of the statue as "normcore James Joyce").

"I was thinking a lot about who gets memorialized, who gets lionized, you know, remembered in the public eye," Dessicino explained to Buzzfeed. "And Edward Snowden does something that was beyond him, you know, it was a very public act where he sacrificed his own personal comfort and security to let us all know something. So he sacrificed himself for the greater good. So he’s kind of dead in a way, because he can’t be here, and so he becomes a subject that can be memorialized."

In a truly incredible twist of fate, one of the first people to spot the statue was Snowden's old pal Glenn Greenwald. Dessicino claims it was a total coincidence: "The first person to see it was Glenn Greenwald right when we took it out of the van,” Dessicino told Buzzfeed, promising the photo wasn’t staged. "He was just having breakfast. One of his friends came over and was like '…Is that Edward Snowden?' 'Yes it is!' 'Well, that’s Glenn Greenwald!'"

The real life Snowden has been having a busy week apart from his concrete doppelgänger. Laura Poitras' documentary about him, Citizenfour, made its debut at the New York Film Festival, and has gotten rave reviews thus far. Among many other things, the documentary revealed that Snowden's longtime girlfriend has been living with him in Russia for the past couple months. You can watch a trailer for the film below.