Sure, there were those clever save-the-date wedding trailers inspired by blockbuster movies or, more specifically, Rushmore, but now the Internet is falling in love with a California couple, Ben and Juliana, for their romantic engagement photo shoot...complete with a marauding zombie. We spoke to photographer Amanda Rynda who says, "We're all so excited and overwhelmed in a good way with the positive response the photos have been getting online." Like this reddit comment, "(seething) DAMN them and their happiness...I hope their future together is LONG and full of JOY! THEY come up with such an awesome theme for their engagement photos!!!" Oh, and there's debate about whether the couple was really using the most effective zombie-fighting weaponry.

Rynda, who works with the bride-to-be (they also went to CalArts together), says the couple "asked me to shoot something fun for their engagement session. I'm happy with how they turned out but the kudos really go to Juliana and Ben for coming up with such a fun idea (Ben didn't want to loose sense of his manliness in an engagement session) and allowing me to run with it. Our friend, Jason Boesch, also a friend and co-worker, was our zombie and deserves credit for playing along as well." As for how the pictures are being seen everywhere, Rynda adds, "I can't say I'm surprised. I think viral activity is part of the zombie nature, right?"

You can see the set of photographs here.