Last Wednesday night, or maybe it was Thursday morning, Charlotte Gainsbourg's cat went missing.

The 8-year-old Milo is mostly an indoor cat, but he has been known to take in some fresh air in the fenced-in backyard. I'm told he's never been out on the street, however. At least that is what Gainsbourg's assistant, Clare, told me this morning after I called the number on the poster. I was certain this was a very niche stunt, a piece of missing cat performance art, but it is, sadly, real.

It's now been a week since they last saw the cat, a fluffy British shorthair, and it's still unclear how he escaped the comforts of home. (They do not believe he would be able to clear the tall fencing in the backyard, had he managed to get out that way, and noted Milo has never done so before.)

"It's a mystery," I'm told. They believe he got out late on Wednesday night, January 15th, or early Thursday morning.

Posters have gone up with a photo of Milo and some details—he was last seen in Greenwich Village, between 5th and 6th avenues, and Clare tells me someone thought they saw him the other day on West 13th, but the tip didn't lead to the cat's return. She noted that Milo was "microchipped in France, but we registered the number here as well," so if someone finds him he'll be traced back to Gainsbourg.

If you see the cat—which is gray with "lilac... no, lavender markings" I was told—then call one of the numbers on the poster, where Gainsbourg's longtime partner, actor and director Yvan Attal, is also listed.

A note from Gainsbourg—actress, singer, and daughter of Serge—on the poster, positioned alongside a photo of her, reads: "Chère New York, Please help return my beloved Milo. We would do anything to have him back!"

This has been a message from Gothamist's Missing Pet Division, because we hate to see it*.

*Missing pets