This morning we received not one, but three emails about ImprovEverywhere's No Pants prank. This one was from Charlie, the founder of the group:

This past Wednesday in a Manhattan criminal court, the 8 Improv Everywhere agents nabbed in the “No Pants 2k6” Mission were found guilty of “Disorderly Conduct” and sentenced to the maximum sentence of 15 days in prison at the Riker’s Island Correctional Facility (five male agents) and the Rose M. Singer Center (three female agents). We have delayed making this information public for several days as their attorney was investigating the feasibility of an appeal. It has now been made clear to us that no appeal will be granted. The 8 agents began their 15-day sentence today.

This is an incredible injustice. I am absolutely amazed that what was meant as a fun, harmless event resulted in such a ridiculous inconvenience for 8 law-abiding New Yorkers. Next weekend we will be organizing a
pantless rally outside of city hall. More information to come very soon.

-Agent Todd

We are absolutely amazed that this is the best Charlie can come up with on April Fools Day! And we're not alone-- ImprovEverywhere's commenters also want a better joke. [Related: Wikipedia is keeping track of all the idiotic pranks today, and Urgo has another. We absolutely hate April Fools-- we have to check every single tip we get against these lists to make sure we're not getting fooled. Super-annoying!]

UPDATE: Charlie writes again!

The judge has decided to overturn his decision in the No Pants case on account of it being April Fools Day today!

Forgive us our silliness, and thanks to everyone who expressed sincere
concern. April Fools hoax aside, we always appreciate your support.

In all seriousness, this week 7 of the 8 court cases were entirely
dismissed! One IE Agent overslept and missed her court appearance, so
she's been rescheduled for next month. We're counting on hers to be
dismissed as well.

Huge thanks to Special Agent Michelle Dobrawsky who represented the entire
group pro bono. After her quick presentation, the judge immediately
agreed that no crime had been committed.

Happy April Fools Day,
Agent Todd