The naked woman found locked inside of Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel suite's closet (it was the Eloise suite, btw!) was, unsurprisingly, an escort. She called the police a little before 2 a.m. when the actor (who was also naked) began to lash out and trashed the place. He voluntarily admitted himself to a hospital with ex-wife Denise Richards by his side; the two were sharing a vacation in New York with their children, who were also in the hotel (but in a different room) at the time.

According to the Daily News, Sheen was on a "booze-and-blow binge" (something he admitted to) but his publicist has since spinned the story saying, "Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital." This isn't the first time Sheen has found himself in trouble, and reportedly his friends have been worried that he's going to die if he keeps this up.

Sheen is now getting ready to board a private jet back to L.A., and as for the woman in the closet... police sources say she's a "semi-pro... a woman who likes the celebrities, likes the gifts and not averse to taking some cash on the side as a 'thank you.'"

This morning Denise Richards was on the Howard Stern Show, and simply told the host: "It's been an eventful trip!"