As we've been saying all along, Charlie Sheen's shows at Radio City Music Hall never sold out, despite what the NY Post, TMZ, and other outlets have been reporting. Ever since they've gone on sale it's been possible to buy tickets via Ticketmaster (see for yourself)... which has those who bought in bulk hoping to turn a profit in rough shape. According to the Daily News, there are more than 2,800 seats for Sheen's upcoming New York shows available on StubHub, and plenty more on Craigslist going for below face value. Maybe the MaSheen should consider having LCD Soundsystem open (or headline!) his shows.

A local broker told the paper, "I'm worried. I need him to do something else stupid so I can unload all these tickets. I guarantee we're going to take a loss." He purchased 85 tickets and has only moved 10 so far. Another broker who purchased $1,500 worth of tickets has only sold one, below face value, and says "no one wants to go." Needless to say, he's no longer a Sheen fan, saying, "if I opened the newspaper tomorrow and saw that he was dead, my first reaction wouldn't be 'Darn, I really liked his movies.' It would be 'Sweet! I get my money back from Ticketmaster.'" Always knew scalpers had hearts of gold.

Sheen's spokesperson refused to comment on the sold-out claims when CNN came calling. Or maybe his team is just too busy trying to find Sheen lodging for his tour—hotels have banned him in New York, according to Page Six, and he's now allegedly looking to rent a private residence here.