Fresh after his appearance at Sunday night's Emmy Awards comes the news that Charlie Sheen may be winning $125 million from a settlement with Warner Bros. following his firing from Two and a Half Men last year.

It really is a great day for anyone who has been going through withdrawals in the last few months as Sheen has kept his public meltdowns and tirades at a minimum. While he's finalizing his settlement and making attempts to appear respectable and cleaned-up on a national awards show, those desperate for the typical Sheen antics likely tuned in to last night's Comedy Central Roast to watch the likes of William Shatner, career roaster Jeffrey Ross, and the lovable convicted rapist Mike Tyson tear into the drug-addled actor.

The roast coincided with the season premiere of Two and a Half Men, which took a break from its equally charming gut-busters to kill off Sheen's character. But it wasn't a somber episode; the show's writers had their own chance to take stabs at Sheen by staging a funeral service for the TV version of Charlie. With a parade of Charlie's ex-girlfriends sniping at the deceased womanizer's legacy and his family's indifference to his death, the team behind the sitcom made it clear the show will go on without Sheen—and with the added bonus of super-hottie Ashton Kutcher, who made his Two and a Half Men debut in the nude.

While Sheen may be "winning" and the show might continue to find success without him, the rest of us are certainly still losing.