Just last week Charlie Sheen was back in the headlines, alongside words like "frothing," "naked," "drunk," "cocaine," and "porn star." Sadly, these words were also next to the words: "Eloise suite at the Plaza Hotel." Yikes. Anyway, that was last week; this week things have gotten worse! According to a longtime "friend" of the actor, this week Charlie Sheen is going TO DIE. He's continued his cocaine and hooker binge since returning to Los Angeles (though allegedly took yesterday off in hopes of trick-or-treating with his children), and friends are worried.

One source told RadarOnline, "He partied and did drugs for days, going close to the edge and then he comes off the binge and thinks he's fine. It's classic Charlie." Classic. Another source says that "Charlie has a massive drug problem, and every time he goes on a bender [his PR tries] to deny it." Last week they told the press that he suffered from an allergic reaction, though he tested positive for cocaine when hospitalized.

The source went on to say, "He was just on one of the worst benders in a long time. And when he gets like this, no one knows what will happen next." But over at TMZ, Charlie's manager Mark Burg says these reports are all "reckless lies." Burg told the site "he went to Charlie's house, entered a side door and saw Charlie sitting on the couch eating a turkey sandwich, saying, 'Way to knock, dude.'" When he asked him about being on death's door, "Charlie looked at me like I was nuts." So there you have it, Charlie Sheen's secret to coming off a cocaine bender: tryptophan.