After a totally unwinning performance at Radio City Music Hall last night, Charlie Sheen met a much more forgiving crowd in Connecticut. Well, actually the crowd only warmed up mid-way through: According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Thanks to Sheen's persistence, the tide eventually turned in his favor. Instead of getting defensive, he went along with the unusual questions the crowd asked -- which included questions about bacon and masturbation -- and mentioned to the moderator that this was their best show yet."

Still, Hartford Courant critic Roger Catlin wasn't amused, saying that even though Sheen said his first NYC show was "embarrassing," "it couldn't have been a worse show than the one at the Oakdale, where there was no show at all. The difference is that the Connecticut crowd cheered his every boorish declaration instead of booing it." Catlin adds that besides a lackluster Q&A, "Sheen brought out his 'goddesses,' Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly, to prance around and throw out T-shirts and caps and give him a kiss. And that was about it." Catlin did like it when a guy who was about to be kicked out by security played the harmonica with Sheen. And for some reason, the crowd gave him an ovation and yelled "F--k NYC!"

Ticket prices for tonight's second Radio City Hall show have fallen to $61, after being at $104 on Wednesday.